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Blue Skies and Dasies - Press On Nails

Blue Skies and Dasies - Press On Nails


Our press on nails are handmade and crafted with high quality gel for a superior finish. With our custom design art, you can create a unique look that will last for days! Our press on nails are easy to apply and are long lasting, giving you a salon-quality manicure without the price tag.


*Application kit comes free for all first time customers! Add the "Press On Nail Application Kit" to your cart  and use coupon NEWBIE to apply!

**Please keep in mind each set is made to order so final product may slightly vary from photographs.


  • How to measure your nails

    Here is the easiest way to measure your nails at home to get the correct size for your press ons.


    What you'll need:

    • Ruler
    • Paper
    • Pen/sharpie
    • Clear tape


    1. Place the clear tape across your nail
    2. Press firly into the sides of the nails
    3. Use the pen/sharpie to mark the widest parts of the nail
    4. Remove the tape and apply to a piece of paper
    5. Measure the marks on the tape and note the size in millimeters
    6. Repeat for each nail


    Here is a detailed video.

  • Press on nail sizing


    Thumb - 2 (16mm)
    Pointer - 6 (12mm)
    Middle - 5 (13mm)
    Ring - 6 (12mm)
    Pinky - 9 (9mm)


    Thumb - 1 (17mm)
    Pointer - 5 (13mm)
    Middle - 4 (14mm)
    Ring - 5 (13mm)
    Pinky - 8 (10mm)


    Thumb - 0 (18mm)
    Pointer - 4 (14mm)
    Middle -  3 (15mm)
    Ring - 4 (14mm)
    Pinky - 7 (11mm)

    Your nails aren't standard? - No stress!


    There is no problem if your nails don’t meet the standard measurements! We recommend you choose our custom option! When you go make your purchase for your press-ons, just specify your nail measurements in the "add a note" section and your order will be prepared to fit.

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